About me

My name is Joycellyn Akuffo and I am many things – let’s keep it simple and highlight the main of those things; I am a journalist and an entrepreneur. My career has taken a few swings and turns: two redundancies; several business ventures; and more.

It’s been a fun journey, to say the least! I’ve worked with some of the world’s best magazines and websites during more than a decade’s dalliance in the UK media. A few of those titles are: Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mother & Baby, Practical Parenting, Star, Woman & Home are just a handful of names to drop… the list is VERY long, but you get the gist.

I’m the founder and editor of Mothers Who Work, and I also run the successful Geek School, a tuition business. I love what I do and have come to realise that I am extremely committed to and passionate about the issues that affect working mums and the future generation – children.

I’ve learnt a lot along my life’s journey. My search for self employment has culminated in signing up to numerous direct selling opportunities, starting (and then selling) a nanny agency, setting fire to a cupcake and pops business and many other ideas that are just too crazy to share (at the moment, anyway)!

What is this website for? If I’m honest, it’s about discovery. I have so many outlets, but this will probably be my most personal one yet and I’m excited you even thought to come along and check it out. Here’s to a journey of purpose-filled discovery and everything else in between.