Working for Yourself Can Have its Challenges

I know, I know! I’ve wanted this for so long so why complain. And I’m not  complaining, honestly. It’s important to paint a true picture of what working for yourself can be like. 

So, I’ve got into this habit of popping along to a café to work when I’ve got lots to get through. Some weeks I can avoid it  completely, but on other weeks I could find myself making three or four visits to my local Costa, Starbucks, or Café Nero. I’m very selective, can’t you tell!

I like the sound of a bustling workspace sometimes – I stick on  my headphones,sip my brew of choice and crack on for a few hours. The only disturbance is my Apple watch telling me to stand up! Technology these days. 

Being self-employed can be lonely. Everyone I’d like to call us busy at work, or will talk for an age if I pick up the phone. The one person if like to call is no longer here and it’s moments like this that I miss her all the more. You can’t replace your mum with a latte after all. 
That said, I would swap being self employed for any other way of working. I like the freedom to choose how I work, with whom and so on. It makes me smile and laugh a lot more and the effect if that happiness puts a positive vibe in my home. Money can’t buy that. But there are pockets of loneliness, sometimes. 

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