Poem: Omar Epps Smile

Big white teeth,

Cheeky grin,

Shiny, dark skin.

That was him.

Little bop,

Always watched the clock,

Even when the girls would flock.

That was him.

Made me smile,

Made me shy.

Made me never want to say goodbye.

Made me wonder why…


Why can’t I stop…?

Why can’t I just not…?

Why can’t I…?

Why can’t I just lie?

Lie that I’m over him

And really be over him!

Lie that I no longer love him,

And just stop loving him!


It’s his big white teeth,

His cheeky grin,

His beautiful, shiny, dark skin,

It’s everything about him.

I really do┬ámiss him…

…and his Omar Epps smile.

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